Painting and Drawing

Classes & Workshops

Painting & Drawing

Classes & Workshops

Create, learn, and grow
with Domestika

Make urban storefronts come to life with an exciting vibrant palette! In this online class, join me as I demonstrate how to construct and dress street scenes. Learn how to apply perspective, build form, and refine details to a simple storefront facade to draw the viewer into the world on your canvas!

Painting & Drawing Classes
with Kent Adult Education

Enrol and join me in person at the Kent Adult Learning Centre in Tunbridge Wells for my ‘Painting and Drawing’ classes. These courses are designed to teach you the basic techniques to drawing and painting and help develop your confidence and skills through a range of weekly tutored lessons.

Learn Art Onine
with Etchr Studio

Learn to create landscapes on postcards and mini coaster paintings with Etchr Studio and I. You’ll discover how to simplify shapes, combine gouache and pens to create vibrant artwork, and use your colours to their fullest potential. Watch the livedemos for free and follow up with the workshops to learn more!

let’s get creative!

Bespoke Tutoring

Everyones artistic needs are different. If your art group or organisation are looking for unique teaching experiences tailored to your needs. Then get in touch and I’d be thrilled to discuss your plans further with you!